Radically enhance ministry impact by creating facilities that align with the culture, and with your church’s mission, vision, and leadership.

Every successful church building project starts with a firm foundation.

Before a single brick is laid, churches should embark on a five-step journey to discover what growth engines and growth barriers are impacting ministry effectiveness.

These five steps will help uncover your church’s unique DNA and envision your church’s calling to serve and grow disciples in the context of the culture. Once these foundational pieces are in place, you can begin to create ministry space that aligns with your mission and vision, build facilities that enhance ministry, and manage and maintain your facilities for maximum ministry effectiveness.


1. Uncover

Every decision about your church’s building project will flow from the Uncover process. In this phase, you’ll embark on a journey to understand the key factors—culture, leadership, ministry, and facilities—that are driving the need for more ministry space. The Uncover step helps ensure you build the right space for your ministry.


2. Envision

You’ve determined you’re ready to build, but exactly how much space do you need, and how will it serve your ministry objectives today and in the future? The Envision phase is where your dreams start to take shape. This is when you’ll map out a plan for embarking on a church building project to help you realize your ministry objectives.


3. Create

At this step, you’ll collaborate with architects and design professionals to create ministry space that draws people in and inspires them to stay and grow at your church.


4. Build

As walls go up and spaces take shape, ministry dreams become reality. But ministry cannot slow down just because construction begins. Planning out the best way to execute a building project is critical for maintaining ministry continuity even while your church is under construction.


5. Manage

You want to be wise stewards of your church’s resources, but are you spending too much money on the upkeep of your building, and not enough on critical ministry needs? We can help you streamline site selection, as well as the purchasing and outsourcing process for managing your church facility, so that you can invest more money and time into ministry.

We partner with trusted firms along the way to help facilitate the process.

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